Start Planning With Professional Landscapers In Utah

A consultation visit with us is the first step to your dream landscape.

We begin every one of our projects with a landscape design consultation. During this initial consultation, we’ll go over your budget, your space, and the possibilities of what our team of landscape designers can do.

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What To Expect In A Consultation

We know that so much more goes into great landscape design than just sticking in some plants and rocks. That’s why we take our consultation services beyond a simple phone call–we actually come to your home so we can get a true sense of your space and what to expect.

The Visit

One of our team members will personally drive to your home to get a full 360 look at your space. We’ll arrange a time that works best for you, then head on over to get a good look around and get a better sense of your area and what we can do. Once we take a look at your space, we’ll have a better idea of what we’ll be working with.

Discussing Your Space

While we’re there, we’ll discuss what you want in your space in detail and take into account structures and plants that are already there. During this time, you can tell us what you want to keep, what you want to keep rid of, and what you want to update.

Going Over Your Options

There are tons of options available for your yard, from hardscaping to water features to utilizing native plants in your yard. We’ll get the discussion started around what you want us to include in your yard plans and how that can fit in your budget. Since we’ll be in your space, we’ll be able to tell you in detail what will work and what won’t, so you can have an idea of where we should go to make your dream yard.

Some options to start considering are:

  • Native plant installation
  • Water features like ponds, fountains, etc.
  • Structures like porches or pergolas
  • Flowerbeds and shrubberies
  • Big installations like pools, firepits, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Getting Started

Once we’ve finished up our consultation, it’s time to get to work! We’ll head back to our office and get to work on designing a beautiful yard based on your space and specifications, and we’ll be in constant contact with you to ensure that we’re making everything according to your wants and needs for your outdoor space.

Our Past Projects

Take a look at some of our past projects to see what the end result of our process looks like. We’ve worked on homes all across Weber and Davis counties, with a wide range of looks, special touches, and elements that show the individuality of each of our clients’ homes.

Work With Landscapers That Care About The Whole Neighborhood

We’re more than just landscapers–we’re your neighbors. So when we work on a home, we ensure it’s something you love as well as beautiful to take in. That’s why we always start with a consultation–we want to get to know you and get a feel for what your tastes are. After all, it’s the neighborly thing to do!

That’s also why we work so closely with local contractors. Rather than saying “no” to designs outside of our wheelhouse, we see it as an opportunity to work with some of the greatest contractors in the county and make your beautiful home a successful collaboration between them, us, and you.

By working with Jones, you’re not just getting a beautiful yard–you’re bringing together the community to make something special that’s unique and considerate of your home.

Let’s Get To Work!

To get started on making your dream yard come to life, just fill out the form! Be sure to include your budget and at least one photo of your space so we can start getting an idea of what we can do in your space. Then, when we arrive for the consultation, we’ll be able to have an idea already starting that we’ll flesh out with you.

We do have a consultation fee of $125 to cover transport and initial planning.

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