Get Started With Beautiful Landscaping In Utah

Beautiful outdoor spaces in Weber County

If you’re looking for a landscaping service that has it all, you’ve come to the right place. Based in West Haven, we serve the Ogden area and beyond in creating beautiful, Utah-friendly landscapes that will make the great outdoors even greater for you, your family, your pets, and your guests.

We specialize in a wide variety of landscaping, hardscaping, and water features designed to turn your yard into a dreamscape. When you sign on with one of our landscaping professionals, we’ll be sure to walk you through every step of the process. Plus, with our customizable plans and services, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your yard exactly what you’re dreaming of, including bringing in services outside of what you see here to truly bring your vision to life.


The base of any good outdoor space is the landscape itself. From trees and greenery to rocks and lighting, our professional landscape designers have everything you need to transform your yard into a living work of art. 

Our landscape services include:


Going beyond the green in a landscape project, hardscape aspects like fire pits and outdoor kitchens can completely revolutionize your outdoor space into an entertainment hub or transform it into an elegant garden for you to enjoy as you’d like. Whether wholly decorative or utilitarian, a good pergola, pit, or patio will be positively perfect for your outdoor space.

Our hardscape services include:

Water Features

From peaceful ponds to superior spas, water features serve as a gorgeous centerpiece for any backyard oasis. We make sure the piping is unobstructive and containers are secure, so you just get to enjoy the serenity of your new water feature in peace. 

Our water feature services include:

Is there something you want that you can’t find here? Just let us know! We keep in contact with local specialists who are masters of their trade, and we’re more than happy to bring them in on your project to ensure you get everything you desire in your outdoor space.

Our Process

We know how much of an investment redoing your yard is, and we want to ensure you get the best care when it comes to crafting the perfect yard design for your home. When you decide to go with a Jones Outdoor Living landscape architect, here’s what you can expect.


Before we break ground, we always chat with our clients first. Make an appointment and we’ll discuss your budget, your vision, and the services we provide to bring your dream space to life. You can also send us pictures of your space so we know what we’re working with.


One of our landscape professionals will come up with a beautiful design for your yard that factors in both your budget as well as the elements you want. As a Utah-based company, we know what plants and structures work best in Utah’s unique environment and will ensure that every plant we use will grow accordingly.


Once you’ve approved of our design, it’s time to break ground! Our team will get to installing landscapes, hardscapes, and water features to turn your yard into an outdoor wonderland. We’ll keep in constant contact with you through the whole process, ensuring you know exactly what we’re doing and how it’ll help create your dream landscape.

Contracting Specialists

If there’s something you want for your yard that we don’t offer, we’ve got back up! We keep in contact with many specialist services in the area that can ensure your space is fully customized to meet your wants and needs. 

Ready to take your yard to new heights with an outdoor space you won’t want to leave? Then let’s start planning. Make an appointment now to chat with one of our landscape specialists, and let’s find the perfect balance between beauty and budget to ensure your yard matches your wildest dreams.

A Stunning Space Made Especially For You

Jones Custom Landscapes does more than just spruce up your yard; we truly make your outdoor space an extension of your home. With custom landscaping, you can make your little corner of the world just a little more spectacular. We focus on creating beautiful designs that make the most of your space while showing off what makes you truly unique.

Take a look at some of our previous work, and then contact us to find out just how gorgeous your yard can become!

It’s Time For Your Yard To Make A Statement

We know there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank slate. If you’re left wondering how to get started, our team is here to help you envision the landscaping solution you’ve been dreaming of. We are your one-stop resource to get you from design, to construction, to relaxing in your dream yard.

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